Game Project

This post is about assessment for mid-semester of multimedia course, It is about making a game themed Indonesia.

What game?

The group consisted of I, Lay, and Naufaldi is going to make a game called Trash. It is a 2D puzzle-platformer type game. It has a background of some places in Indonesia such as travel destination or at least showing a feel of Indonesia. The purpose of making this game is to give an impression to player for keeping the environment clean.

Main Objective

There will be a main character in which player can control. The main objective is, player is going to control that character to pick up a rubbish located somewhere in the map and throw it in a rubbish bin. To complete the objective, player is going to go through challenges which require puzzle solving skill.

If the player is able to accomplish the objective, it means that the player wins/finishes one level of the game and continue to the next level.


Controls and properties will be introduced through out the game when player reaches a certain level. However there are some main controls which will be majorly used in all levels of the game:

  • A key to go left
  • D key to go right
  • spacebar to jump
  • S key to pick up/put down object
  • Mouse to aim
  • Mouse-left to throw object


“The higher the level, The more difficulty will be faced by player.”

For starter, there will be 5 levels for the game, level 1-3 will be about introducing movements/controls. Level 4 will be introducing enemy or what is called as blocker which interfere the player. For the last level, it is the real deal, the most challenging part for the player.

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